Low levels of testosterone and how to increase natural testosterone

Low levels of testosterone, and what it does to a man.

A low concentration of testosterone is linked to some of the most terribly terrible problems a man can have. The most recognized are probably the following: loss of moxie, erection problems, loss of volume, body fat and expanded facial fat, enlarged instinctual fatigue, sensation problems, broken voice, man’s breasts, testicular weakness and lack of inspiration.

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Ideal levels of testosterone.

Today, low testosterone is a typical problem. The standard range used by many specialists is around 250-1200 ng / dL of absolute testosterone. In any case, as I would like to think, 250 is extremely weak to feel masculine by any means. It is an overwhelming condition to be in. Trying to keep our absolute testosterone levels above 500 ng/dl would undeniably be more ideal in my books than in 250. The higher the rate, the better.

Reasons for low testosterone

There are many reasons why testosterone levels are not ideal. Here is a general description of the most critical problems that will destroy the ravages of your endorphin system: chemicals and their ability to mimic estrogen, poor eating, poor eating, lack of rest, increased use of plastic, beauty that contains xenoestrogens, muscle / fat ratio, insufficient training, inadequate practice and momentum.

The most effective method to build testosterone normally

There are countless ways to build testosterone without using any type of artificial steroids. Here, I will give you the best in the act:

1. Rest more

There is certainly a link between lack of rest and low levels of testosterone. We have seriously considered it lately, and the revision was discovered, only when we entered the REM part of our imagination cycles. The production of testosterone and growth hormones begins and begins to operate at full power. So rest more to increase testosterone levels normally, and not at all.

2. Start eating natural foods.

Commercial foods currently contain many synthetic compounds, many of them mimic estrogen, and estrogen (female hormone) is directly responsible for reducing testosterone levels. Therefore, eat more basic foods, it will be huge for your testosterone levels and your overall well-being.

3. Discard your makeup loaded with synthetic fibers.

Your shampoos, cleansers, toothpaste, antiperspirants, and colognes contain gigantic measures of xenoestrogens and estrogen usurpation. They also contain many other unfortunate mixtures. Therefore, consider taking them to the nearest trash container. There are characteristic options that work in the same way, and surprisingly better. These items will not lower your testosterone levels, and this is the most beautiful thing you can do as a man.

4. Practice properly

Cardio falls to long testosterone levels, but short activities such as HIIT will create testosterone and the creation of growth hormones. There have been many studies on this, but this is what shows it, even without studies. Take a look at a long distance runner and its mass. Shortly after, take a look at the sprinters from 100 to 200 m and examine their volume. Do you see a distinction? The sprinters are increasingly anabolic.

The above also applies to quality preparation. A short duration, a great strength with an incredible volume and huge lifts of multiple joints, such as squats, deadlifts and pressing, drastically improve serum testosterone levels during studies. In addition, as in the previous example, a long tutorial with low and high repetitions in volume does not produce testosterone expansion.

5. Try not to eat several small dinners a day.

The silhouette of our body was not structured, to eat a good dinner at regular intervals. The truth is that all parties, whether fat, protein or candy. Reduce our testosterone levels for a while. This is a direct result of the reaction during the generation of insulin and the discharge of cortisol. So why should it be good to keep throwing your testosterone at the clock? It is true that this would not be a good omen. This is the reason for the lacquer.

What you need to know about low carb diets!

What is a Shark Tank Keto? You will get rid of the terrible carbohydrates and terrible fats and start eating good fats and excellent carbohydrates.

What you must understand is that you are not so used to a food routine, even if you change the way you eat. Eating bad foods reliably causes your body to come out of the equalization.

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Many of us are looking at the past because they eat prepared carbohydrates. I do not understand what I mean with the carbohydrates that are handled? There are basically two types of sugars, simple and complex. Some mention terrible and amazing carbohydrates, fast and moderate absorption carbohydrates, etc. Here are some key clarifications:

Basic CARBS: foods that contain basic or refined sugars often have a low content of supplements and a list of high glycemic index. They are treated quickly (fast to treat).

They enter the circulatory system and rapidly increase glucose levels. At this point, they fall considerably in a limited capacity of concentration. To keep the body strong and stable, it is recommended that these staple foods be limited. Examples of these simple or over processed carbohydrates are white bread, potatoes and sweet treats such as candy, sweets, cakes and pies and drinks like cola products.

COMPLEXES: foods that contain complex sugars contain many supplements and have a low direct glycemic index. A higher fiber content in these foods implies a slower treatment, which is more beneficial for the body (counting decreasing emotional episodes and food aspirations).

In addition, these foods are considered important decisions by welfare councils. Examples of these complex carbohydrates are whole grains, most soil products. Vegetables, plants of the pea family or beans, also fall into this class.

What is the best? Studies show that low-carbohydrate diets can help reduce weight; which implies that carbohydrates should be of a disconcerting and low glycemic index type. The key is to eat a whole food, natural and natural, that is as close to nature as you would expect from the circumstances.

Why does your body need carbohydrates? The sugars cause your body to administer a hormone called insulin. Insulin is responsible for developing glucose (sugar) from the foods you eat in your body’s cells and which are used for vitality. The abundance of glucose (which is not considered vitality) is classified in the muscle / fat ratio.

The long periods of consumption of such a high number of starches can lead to the affectation of telephones in insulin. This can cause the body to produce more insulin (then a certain amount) to perform a similar activity.

After a while, excessive consumption of insulin can cause an increase in cholesterol, coronary heart disease, weight and type II diabetes. The sky is the limit from there. One of the symptoms of insulin overproduction is that it ensures that fat is stored gradually.


All the food you eat gives your body vitality. Your body consumes fuel in a specific order: starches / lipids / proteins. In this way, by forcing foods rich in starch you consume, it is perfectly normal for your body to consume fat immediately. Your body will enter and begin to consume your own muscle instead of fat as fuel. Taking into account this reserve of muscles and fats, you will not go hungry and will maintain an even more uniform glucose level throughout the day.

It is important to keep in mind that … it is not eating too much fat which makes you overweight, but eating more sugars that your body does not need to use for its vitality.

However, it is important that all food arrangements are made under the guidance of your own therapy experts. In addition, drinking 8 glasses of water for several days and regular exercises are essential for the well-being of your body. This substance only examines low-carbohydrate tests for useful purposes and does not replace the advice of a medical expert in restorative justice.

Ryan Braun: Steroids Or Natural

It is shocking for all of the sports players, that Ryan Braun uses steroids to improve his performance.

The anabolic steroids have a big impact on the sports.

The steroids are just sources of an excitement and passion to try these types of compounds.

As the time pass, it becomes part of the bodybuilding as well as the sports. The passion turns to necessity.

The benefits like muscle building, burn up excess fat, and boost up the performance are just terrifically destroying the bodybuilding, sports, and fitness Industries.

Even The Rock has accepted the uses of steroids by bodybuilders and celebrities for films.

Because of the adventure of fitness, they neglect nasty side effects of the drugs and continue their doping to push up the competition level.

Every time we hear the steroid allegations and steroid accusations with someone in the headline of news, magazines and online.

On the daily basis, the doping cases are reported in the sports. Well, it is the most common talk in sports.

The Performance Enhancing drug is the shortcut for most of the players so, they select it. Baseball players are also using these kinds of anabolic steroids secretly and try to hide these types of doping.

Here the Ryan Braun steroids are viral on the sports news so I decided to reveal the link of Ryan to the Performance enhancing drugs.

Ryan Braun is an outfielder for Major league baseball MVP club and a professional American baseball player.

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The suspension for 50 games is completely turned when the sample was mishandled.

While Braun took full responsibility for his actions and apologized to the collector of the urine sample, teammates, and commissioner Bud Selig.

The Braun’s urine sample tested positive for an elevated testosterone level in Oct 1, 2011.

When the time is for collecting the sample, the drug collector “Dino Laurenzi Jr” stored the sample of Braun, including two players at the how and sent it to the Federal Express office on Monday rather than following the specific rules by baseball’s drug collection.

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According to the player’s association, the sample was handled improperly.

What Are The Allegations From Milwaukee Brewers?

The Milwaukee Brewers are the American professional baseball team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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According to Milwaukee Brewers, Ryan Braun is suspended and without pay for 65 games.

The suspended statement also mentioned a reason is that: Ryan Braun took the cream and banned substances called as Lozenge.

In the year 2013, Ryan was disqualified for violating the anti-doping rules. He missed almost 65 games in the year 2011.

The 29-year-old player (Ryan) name mention with the other 20 players.

In September 2011, Ryan apologized for his actions and admitted steroid use.

The athletes said that these drugs are lozenges and testosterone cream.

These drugs cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription.

Ryan Braun Talks About Performance Enhancing Drug:

After a month, he accepted performance enhancing drugs use for NL MVP season in the year 2011.

He has admitted his guilt in the second session with MLB.

I knew very well that I’m taking the first step in order to make a right decision.

Ryan Braun admits performance-enhancing drug and After he accepted the doping or Performance enhancing drug practice, the Ryan Braun was heavily criticized by the peoples including players around the major leagues.

Braun said to Brewers on Thursday; It was a big mistake of my life and I feel deeply ashamed or guilty. Before I just compounded the situation by denying the use of drugs.

It was very crucial to reduce the burden from everywhere and had negatively affected my career as well as my teammates, brewers organization, and the fans of the MLB.

I have disappointed those who are closest to me and trust me very well.

Only admitted the steroid is not closing the debate. There are several other questions that are arising like;

  • Who gave the PED’s to Ryan and where these steroids are coming from?
  • What were the exact compounds is contained in the product?
  • Did he know that he actually takes help from the cream and lozenge?

According to the Brewers, Ryan is linked to Florida clinic for the distribution of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

I have no one to criticize or blame someone, but myself, I Know that I made mistakes

MLB Drug Testing Policy:

Braun’s said the results are positive due to the unusual circumstances.

Will Carroll has explained about the latest MLB drug testing policy in which the players are asked to pass urine twice per season and during the playoffs.

When a player is selected for random testing, he is called to a “clean area” and observed proper urinating in a sample collection cup.

The sample is further sealed. After following all steps properly, the prepared sample sent to the MLB’s designated lab.

The sample is further separated into two cups by half of a sample, if the first half triggers suspicion that means it is higher than normal testosterone and epitestosterone was detected.

The ratio may fluctuate depending upon men to men. If the levels above than 4:1 so, it is not considered as positive test.

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We don’t know about the Ryan Braun first half triggers suspicion or not.

Sometimes the MLB conduct second-half test secretly through different methods more probably chromatography or carbon isotope ratios.

In that case, the player is more susceptible to claim his trainer for giving the illegal substances.

The both MLB and NFL have a list of substances also called as NSF that are allowed to consume, this list is certified by the NSF.

Ryan’s Drug Test:

When Ryan tested for the drugs during the competition, so the results are positive in drug testing.

He tested positive for an elevated level of testosterone in October 2011.

The sportsman prefers anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and strength of the body.


The testosterone is a natural growth hormone. The synthetic form is injected due to the anabolic and androgenic effects.

The anabolic effects are included in the muscle building while the androgenic effects are particularly targeting the male traits like facial hair and a deeper voice.

Testogen is another testosterone supplements that helps many athletes and bodybuilders for getting testosterone.

The athletes prefer testosterone to boost up the performance.

He may use the other substances like Halotestin, Andriol, Proviron, and oxymetholone.

“I Kept The Truth From Everyone Because I Was In Denial And Convinced Myself That I Had Not Done Anything Wron”

It is good that Ryan has accepted the truth and apologized to people.

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