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  • The applications of LCD displays

    Feb 27, 2021 | Articles

    The LCD screen includes a TFT display and a monochrome screen.

    And they are used in a wide range of applications in our daily lives, such as the military, aerospace, medical, transportation, and general civilian consumption. We have a hard time finding an exhaustive list of product applications on the web. So next join me in summarizing what products LCD screens are used for.

    The first is the military field:

    Common electronic devices with LCD displays used by the military include military computers,

    military computer

    and then on walkie-talkies

    walkie talkie

    thermal imaging devices

    thermal imaging devices

    night vision devices, laser range finders, etc.


    Next is the aerospace field:

    computers, all kinds of similar machinery, aircraft cockpit dashboards

    aircraft cockpit dashboards

    TVs behind passenger seats.

    Then medical field:

    X-ray machines

    CT scanners

    CT scanners, various types of counters, biochemical and immunoassay instruments, fiber endoscopes, laser therapy machines

    laser therapy machines

    blood cell analyzers, differentiation analyzers, enzymes, plate washers, urine analyzers, ultrasound machines (color ultrasound, B ultrasound, etc.), X-ray machines, MRI machines, sphygmomanometers, electronic thermometers, multifunctional therapy machines, laser therapy machines, glucose meters

    blood cell analyzers

    diabetes treatment machines, etc.


    Then the transportation field:

    let’s start with the cars themselves (various cars such as motorcycles, electric cars, bicycles, etc. are included here) The products that are useful to LCD display are: car dashboard

    car dashboard

    car navigator

    car navigator

    charging stake, motorcycle yard meter, bike yard meter

    bike yard meter

    mechanical gas cylinders, pressure gauges, gas gauges, car chargers, motorcycle gauges, car cigarette lighters, tire pressure gauges, electric car charging guns.


    Next up is the office sector:

    There are printers, money readers

    money reader

    time and attendance machines, access control systems, surveillance systems, scanners


    fax machines, and if you include banking systems, then there are also: POS machines

    pos machine

    bank cards with displays

    bank cards with display

    U-shield, pager machines, etc.


    The last category is also the largest:

    it includes a wide variety of consumer electronics, with no less than 10,000 kinds, and here we will only introduce the ones that everyone has seen and knows.
    For example



    air conditioner

    air conditioner

    washing machine, electric fan, pressure cooker,

    water heater

    water heater

    rice cooker

    gas display meter

    pressure gauges

    electric meter, thermometer, foreheat gun, calculator, digital cameras, blood glucose meter, weight scale, coffee maker, smart water cup, mobile power, hand ring, clock (alarm clock), U disk, helmet, car logger, Bluetooth speaker, endoscope, air conditioner remote control, thermometer, radio, VCD, DVD, home theater, air monitor, dog trainer, egg incubator, juicer, ultrasonic weight loss meter



    point reading pen, film scanner, digital camera charger, coin storage tank, smart water cup, smart shaver, manicure meter, baby monitor, headset, microwave oven, router, timer, rangefinder, speedometer, running headset headband, various IC card phone, Internet phone, IP phone, landline, senior machine, BB machine, intercom, wireless phone.

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